List of Philippine Passport Requirements 2021 (New and Renewal)

Most of the applicants found it overwhelming when thinking about the Passport Requirements especially in the new application. Well, this is normal for first timers since they are not yet fully aware of the needed documents.

Sometimes, the information you get from other people about the passport requirements could be confusing if it is not explained that well. However, by the time you know and have the core requirements and there’s no problem in your PSA Birth Certificate, you’ll probably have a smooth passport application.

Philippine Passport Requirements

There are cases when you need to get additional requirements such as Marriage Contract if you are a married female applicant, or an Annotated PSA Birth Certificate if there are data discrepancy in your Birth Certificate and other common cases.

Keep in mind that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) where you are about to process your passport might require you to get specific documents other than the core/general requirements.

This guide contains the passport requirements for minors and adults, in both NEW passport application and passport RENEWAL.

PART I: Passport Requirements for Adults (NEW APPLICATION)

In the application for new passport, adults are those applicants who are 18 years old or more.

General Requirements

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment – In order to apply for a passport, you need to schedule an appointment online through the Passport Appointment System. You need to have a confirmed online appointment at the DFA Office near you or on your region where you wish to apply.
  2. Printed/Accomplished Application Form – This can also be accomplished through the Passport Online Appointment System. On the other hand, if you belong to those who are exempted in scheduling an appointment first, you may download this form or get this at DFA Office. (See Appointment Exemption).
  3. Personal Appearance – You have to show up personally on the date of your appointment. This is because your signature, biometric fingerprint, photo and other data shall be captured in the office.
  4. PSA Birth Certificate – You should bring an original copy of your Birth Certificate on Security Paper (SECPA) authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  5. Marriage Contract – If you are a married female who is using your spouse’s last name, you should bring an original copy of your Marriage Contract or Report of Marriage.
  6. Valid Government-Issued ID (with 1 photocopy) – Any of the list of government-issued IDs indicated below.

List of Valid IDs for Passport Application

  • Driver’s License – Land Rransportation Office (LTO)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card – Social Security System (SSS) or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)
  • Voter’s ID/Certificate/Registration Record – Commission on Election (COMELEC)
  • PRC ID – Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)
  • OWWA ID – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)
  • iDOLE Card – Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
  • PNP Firearms License – Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • Senior Citizen ID – Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA)
  • Person with Disabilities (PWD) ID – National Council on Disability Affairs(NCDA) or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
  • School ID

If you are based outside the country, you may use your host government-issued ID (like Residence Card) that displays your Philippine citizenship.

People Exempted in Scheduling an Appointment

  1. OFW with sufficient proof of status such as iDOLE Card, valid employment contract (authenticated by POEA), and work visa
  2. Senior Citizen with Senior Citizen ID
  3. Person with Disability (PWD) with PWD ID or visible disability
  4. Solo Parent with valid Solo Parent ID 
  5. Pregnant Woman with medical certificate
  6. Minor seven (7) years old and below

You are privileged to apply as walk-in applicants and use the Courtesy Lane intended for you in the DFA Office. You may download the application form online or get a copy of it in the office.

Supporting Documents

There are special cases when the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) might require to get additional required documents. The most common one’s are regarding your Birth Certificate and Citizenship matters. You may check out possible issues in your Birth Certificate and what to do about it as well as documentary requirements regarding your citizenship.

Birth Certificate Issues

Case 1. Late Registered Birth Certificate

  • Registered 10 years ago – your application shall be treated a regular application.
  • Registered in less than 10 years ago – you need to submit IDs that you got prior to the date of your Birth Certificate registration. If you don’t have IDs before the registration date, you need to submit current IDs and an NBI Clearance.

Case 2. Lacking Data in Birth Certificate

  • You need to go to your Local Civil Registrar (LCR) to address this issue. Then, you need to submit at the DFA a Proof of Filing of Supplemental Report or Correction form the Local Civil Registrar.

Case 3. Data Discrepancy in Birth Certificate

  • Discrepancy in your first name – you need to go to the LCR and file a petition for correction of your first name. Then, you need to submit the petition and supporting documents for the correction of your first name at the DFA Office where you are applying for a passport.
  • Discrepancy in other data – if you have other data discrepancy in your Birth Certificate (data that needs correction, etc.), you must submit an Annotated PSA Birth Certificate displaying the corrected data/entry of your birth certificate.

In case that the discrepancy of data is in the Birth Certificate, you must file a correction and submit an Annotated PSA Birth Certificate. On the other hand, if the data discrepancy is on the other documents, the data on your Birth Certificate shall be followed by default.

Case 4. No Birth Certificate

  • If you are born on or before 1950 – submit original copies of PSA Authenticated Certificate of No Birth Record and an Affidavit of 2 Disinterested Person to attest your identity.
  • If you are born after 1950 – you must file a late registration at the LCR where you are born. Then, submit your late registered PSA Birth Certificate along with the supporting documents and IDs that you got before date of your registration.

Case 5. Dissolved Marriage

  • If you wish to use your maiden’s surname because your marriage has been dissolved, you need to bring an original copy of Annotated PSA Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage stating that your marriage has been dissolved.
  • In case these are not yet available, you may submit a Certified True Copy of Court Order dissolving the marriage and a Certificate of Finality from the court.

Case 6. Citizenship Documents

  • Dual Citizen – Submit a PSA Birth Certificate or Report of Birth and Original Identification Document issued by the Philippine Foreign Service Post (FSP) or the Bureau of Immigration (BI). In addition, bring also government-issued IDs either from Philippines or from second country of citizenship. Provide also a photocopy of each document.
  • Naturalized Filipino Citizen – Bring an Identification Certificate of Naturalization issued by the Bureau of Immigration.
  • Obtained Citizenship by Election – Provide an Affidavit of Election of Philippine Citizenship and an Identification Certificate of Election from the Bureau of Immigration.
  • Granted Citizenship by Act of Legislation – Submit a Certified True Copy of the law granting your citizenship and a Foreign Birth Certificate authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post.

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PART II: Passport Renewal Requirements for Adults

UPDATE: If you are a holder of a Brown Passport, Green Passport, Maroon Machine Readable Passport or any older Passport, you application for renewal shall be treated as NEW APPLICATION.

If you are currently a holder of an ePassport, the core requirements for the application of renewal is still the same with the NEW application but you should bring your ePassport with a photocopy of the data page.

You are still required to schedule your appointment first through the Passport Online Appointment System.

Passport Renewal Core Requirements

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment
  2. Printed/Accomplished Application Form
  3. Current ePassport with a photocopy of data page
  4. Personal Appearance in the DFA Office
  5. Original Authenticated PSA documents that will support the change of name:
    • Marriage Contract – if you now using your spouse’s name
    • Annotated Birth Certificate – if there are data changes on your birth certificate
    • Annotated Marriage Contract – if you are annulled or divorced
    • Death Certificate of Spouse

If this is your first time to renew your passport in the DFA Office, you may want to read on this complete guide How to Renew Philippine Passport 2021.

PART III: Passport Requirements for Minors (NEW Application)

In the passport application, considered minors are those individuals who are below 18 years old.

Passport Requirements for Minors

  1. Personal Appearance at the DFA Office and either parent or authorized adult companion
  2. Confirmed Online Appointment – for applicants 8 years old and above, you (with the help of parents) still need to schedule an appointment online thought the Passport Online Appointment System. However, if you are 7 years old and below, you may don’t need to set and appointment since you may avail the Courtesy Lane together with your parents.
  3. Printed/Accomplished Application Form
  4. PSA Birth Certificate
  5. School ID (if applicable)
  6. Passport or Valid ID of either parent (provide 1 photocopy)

Supporting Documents

In some cases, the Department of Foreign Affairs may require you to submit additional requirements. Here are some of the possible cases that you need to submit additional documentary requirements:

Case 1. PSA Birth Certificate is not yet available

  • If you are born in the Philippines – submit a Certified True Copy of Local Civil Registrar (LCR) Birth Certificate Authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
  • If you are born abroad – provide an Original Copy of Report of Birth or first endorsement from Consular Records Division.

Case 2. Accompanied by person other than his/her parent during application

  • If you are not accompanied by your parents during the passport application, you need to submit a Special Power of Attorney executed by the parent/s permitting your adult companion to assist you in your application.
  • Your adult companion needs to bring a Passport or any acceptable government-issued ID.

Case 3. Traveling not with parents

  • If you need to get a passport because you need to travel outside the Philippines but not accompanied by parents, you need to provide a DSWD Clearance and Affidavit of Support and Consent executed by parent/s.
  • Your adult companion is also required to provide a passport or government-issued ID.

Case 4. Illegitimate child in custody of mother

  • Provide the same “core” requirements as above. If you are traveling not with your mother, you must submit a DSWD Clearance and Affidavit of Support and Consent executed by your mother. (as stated in case #3)

Case 5. Illegitimate child and mother is deceased

  • Personal appearance of the minor and the adult guardian.
  • The adult guardian shall provide an Affidavit of Guardianship.
  • DSWD Clearance
  • Passport or government-issued ID of the guardian.

If the minor has undergone the process of domestic adoption, foreign adoption, or founding and not for adoption, you may check out these additional requirements.

PART IV: Passport Renewal Requirements for Minors

The passport renewal requirements for minors are just the same as the in the new application. The only requirement added is current passport. So in addition to the requirements for new application, you just need to bring your current expiring or expired ePassport.

That was the passport requirements for minor and adult in both NEW passport application and passport RENEWAL. Should you have any concerns, you may contact DFA near you or visit the Department of Foreign Affairs or Passport Application System websites. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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