How to Get Replacement for Damaged or Lost Philippine Passport

The replacement of your damaged or lost Philippine Passport requires you additional time, money and effort than your recent renewal or new passport application. Well, this is a hassle but whatever might have caused it, you just have to move on and accept the fact that you need to apply for a new one.

If your passport is damaged or mutilated, the application for a replacement does not really demand you to do it as soon as possible if it’s not deemed necessary. However, if your passport was stolen or you lost it somewhere, it is advisable to get a new one according to your schedule. This is to prevent possible serious identity theft and to avoid being used for illegal activities.

How to Get Replacement for Damaged or Lost Philippine Passport

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Note that your application for replacement of your lost or damaged passport shall be treated as a NEW APPLICATION. Meaning, you are still going to undergo the same process in getting a passport but this time, you have additional requirements.

The lost ePassport (either valid or expired) and damaged ePassport have different additional requirements and processing period. Below are the general requirements, additional requirements and how to get a replacement if you lost or damaged your passport.

Part I: Lost Passport Requirements

These are the core or general requirements you need to prepare similar to the documents required for the first time applicants.

General Passport Replacement Requirements

  • Confirmed Appointment
  • Printed/Accomplished Application Form
  • Personal Appearance
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Valid Government-Issued ID

Moreover, don’t forget your other documents if you are a Dual CitizenNaturalized Citizen, Filipino Citizen by Election or other special documents required by the DFA in your previous passport application.

Lost Valid Passport

If your lost passport is still valid, prepare these additional requirements:

  1. Police Report – Get a police report from the Police Station that has the jurisdiction over the place/area where lost your passport. Usually, there is a fee which costs about ₱50.
  2. Affidavit of Loss – Obtain a Notarized Affidavit of Loss from any Notary Public near you. It is recommended to get this at  Public Attorney’s Office  near your area. The Affidavit of Loss should contain the detailed explanation on when, where and how your passport got lost/stolen or other related events.
  3. Penalty Fee – On top of the processing fee, you need to pay a ₱350 fine.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) shall conduct a 15-day clearing period before your application for replacement of lost valid passport shall be processed. In your part, this is an additional 15 waiting days on top of the actual passport processing period.

Lost Expired Passport

If the passport you lost or stolen is already expired, you don’t need to get a police report for that. Just prepare the following:

  1. Affidavit of Loss (see description above about this)
  2. ₱350 Penalty Fee

Part II: Damaged Passport Requirements

Passports with completely detached pages, crumpled, torn or any addition or changes to its original form is considered as a Mutilated or Damaged Passport. So in chase you need to apply for a passport replacement because yours is damaged, these are the additional documents you need to acquire aside from the core/general requirements.

  1. Affidavit of Explanation – The affidavit should contain the detailed explanation on when, where and how your Philippine ePassport got mutilated or damaged.
  2. Mutilated or Damaged Passport – You must bring and surrender your damaged passport at the DFA Office.
  3. ₱350 Penalty Fee

Part III: How to Get Replacement for Damaged or Lost Philippines Passport

Since the replacement of your damaged or lost passport is being treated by the Department of Foreign Affairs as a NEW Application, you are to prepare the same requirements and procedure with the first time applicants. Only this time, you have additional documents.

In case you lost your passport, there shall be a clearing period of 15 days before the actual processing of your passport replacement. If you want to refresh the procedure on how to get a passport, here’s the general steps:

  1. Make an appointment online through the Passport Appointment System.
  2. Print your Application Form and Confirmed Appointment email.
  3. Show up on the DFA Office on your appointment date. Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time.
  4. Get a queue number in the office.
  5. Submit your Core Requirements (new passport application), Supporting Documents (required to you by the DFA like Marriage Contract, Death Certificate, etc.) and Additional Documents for the damaged or lost passport. If you lost your passport and have submitted your Police Report and Affidavit of Loss, you have to go back again after the 15-day clearing period for the actual passport processing.
  6. Pay for the passport application fee.
  7. Pick up your passport or wait for it to be delivered on the estimated date indicated in your claim stub/receipt.

If you want to get more detailed explanation regarding passport application, you may want to check out this guide How to Get Philippine Passport.

That was the general guide on how to get a replacement of your damaged or lost passport. Should you have additional questions, you may contact DFA through their contact details . Share to us what you think using the comment section.

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