How to Get Person With Disability (PWD) ID Card

Any person in the Philippines with permanent impairment should get a Person With Disability (PWD) ID Card. This serves as the Standard National Identification Card for persons with disabilities that can be claimed in the office of the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) or in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Office. Moreover, it is a recognized valid ID (secondary type) in the country which may be used for daily transactions as proof of identity.

The government implemented a praise-worthy law which gives rights and privileges to the persons with disabilities under the Republic Act No. 7277 also known as the Magna Carta of Disable Persons, amended and expanded by Republic Act 9442  and Republic Act 10754. If you are a person with disability, it is essential to get a PWD ID Card in order to avail its benefits.

How to Get Person With Disability (PWD) ID Card

So who are the persons with disabilities that may get a PWD ID Card? Well, the persons who have permanent disability due to psychosocial, chronic illness, learning, mental, visual, orthopedic, speech or hearing condition, may apply for a PWD ID Card. Moreover, persons who are suffering from diseases which disables them to do normal daily works and activities such as but not limited to persons with heart disorders, sever cancer, undergoing dialysis and similar cases may also apply.

Benefits of PWD ID Card

Well, there are many privileges and benefits of having a PWD ID Card which includes educational assistance, express lane privileges, tax incentives for care-givers of PWDs and special discounts on grocery stores. However, probably the most important is the at least twenty percent (20%) discount on:

  • Purchase of medicines in all drug stores, hospital, pharmacies, clinics and other establishments selling medicines.
  • Admission fees in theaters, cinema houses, concert halls, cultural places and other establishments that offers leisure and amusement.
  • Professional or service fees on medical and dental services in government or public hospitals.
  • Fares on bus, public railway, domestic air and sea travel based on actual fare except for promotional fares.

PWD ID Card Requirements

  • Duly-Accomplished Application Form (Philippine Registry Form for Persons with Disability)
  • Three 1×1 ID pictures of the disabled person
  • Clinical abstract and medical certificate signed by a licensed physician

How to Get Person With Disability (PWD) ID Card

Step 1:

Go to one of the following offices to get your application form and fill it up: Office of the Mayor, Office of the Barangay Captain, National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Office. You may get an application form from any of those government offices.

Step 2:

Comply all of the requirements along with the filled-up application form and submit it to the City or Municipal Health Center in your locality. Expect a verification process or interview to be done in the office depending on the procedure being followed by the Health Center in your area. If your application is approved, the health officer will fill-up the Certification Form, insert the Control Number and enter the information to the Philippine Registry for Persons with Disabilities.

In case that the person with disability is unable to have a personal appearance in the office because of his disability, the registration center personnel shall do a home visitation to verify the details of the application and the applicant’s disability.

Step 3:

Finally, bring the approved application form along with the Certificate of Disability to the City or Municipal Social Welfare Office or National Council on Disability Affairs to claim your Person With Disability (PWD) ID Card.

Note that you will also be given a Person with Disability Purchase Slip Booklet which contains the list of discounts, VAT Exemptions and other useful information about the benefits entitled to the card holder. Getting this card has no charge fee (unless you need to get another for renewal, loss or damage) and valid for 3 years.

That was the general guide and requirements on how to get a PWD ID Card in the Philippines. Have you successfully got yours? Do let us know some tips on the comment section.

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