How to Get Senior Citizen’s ID Card

A Senior Citizen’s ID Card is one of the valid IDs in the Philippines issued by the Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) to the senior citizens in the country. Obtaining a Senior Citizen’s ID Card is very important since under the Republic Act No. 9994 and Republic Act No. 10645, the card owner is entitled to avail benefits, privileges and government assistance.

So if your mother, father or relative who is a senior citizen but don’t have a card yet and unable process it, find time to assist him/her. The discounts and privileges always comes in handy especially if the senior citizen has an ID Card.

How to Get Senior Citizen's ID Card

Senior Citizen’s ID Card Benefits and Privileges

The benefits and privileges of a Senior Citizen in the Philippines includes 20% discount on purchases of medicines, domestic transportation, hotel room accommodations, cinema houses, concert halls and several others. Moreover, they are exempted from tax, free medical and dental services requested by the physician, express lane privileges and a lot more. These benefits are categorized below.

  • 20% Discount and VAT Exemption
    • Medical Related Privileges
    • Domestic Transportation Privileges
    • Hotels, Restaurants, Recreation Centers and Places of Leisure, and Funeral Services
    • Recreation Centers
    • Admission Fees Privileges
    • Funeral and Burial Services
  • Other Privileges
    • Income Tax Exemption
    • Exemption from Training Fees
    • Free Medical and Dental Services in Government Facilities
    • Free Vacations for Indigent Senior Citizens
    • Educational Privileges
    • Benefits and Privileges for Retirees
    • Privileges on Granting Special Discounts in Special Programs
    • Express Lane Privileges

Senior Citizen’s ID Card Qualifications

A senior citizen qualified to receive the benefits and privileges granted by the law should fall under the qualifications below.

  • A Filipino Citizen who is a resident in the Philippines
  • 60 years old and above
  • A senior citizen with dual citizenship may also apply for a Senior Citizen’s ID Card in the Philippines with a proof of Filipino citizenship and have at least 6 months residency in the Philippines.

Senior Citizen ID Card Requirements

  • Birth Certificate
  • 1×1 ID picture
  • Valid ID

How to get Senior Citizen’s ID Card

  1. If you are a senior citizen reading this, go to the Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizen’s Affair in your locality. Ask someone to accompany you so that you won’t struggle being alone along the way. Don’t forget to bring the requirements.
  2. Approach a staff or officer that you want to get a Senior Citizen’s ID Card. The person-in-charge will ask your to write your basic personal information such as name, birth date and address. Then, affix your signature.
  3. Wait for further instructions and claim your Senior Citizen’s ID Card.

That was the easy step by step guide on How to Get a Senior Citizen’s ID Card including general privileges & benefits, qualifications and requirements. What do you think about this? Share it on the comment section.

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