How to Get Voters ID Card

A Voters ID Card is a government-issued identification card in the Philippines by the Commission on Elections or commonly known as COMELEC. The card serves as a quick identification of registered and eligible voters in the country during the national and local elections of government officials. Though this is not a requirement for a person to vote.

Since Voters ID Card is recognized as a Valid ID in the Philippines, it can be used not just in elections but also in many transactions. This serves as a proof of person’s identity that is essential in bank transactions or any legal purposes it may serve for the card holder.

How to Get Voters ID Card

The eligible individuals to get Voters ID are those registered citizens whose biometrics such as photograph, finger prints and signature have been digitally captured live using the COMELEC’s Voter’s Registration Machine (VRM). NO BIOMETRICS, NO VOTERS ID.

Well, there were thousands of complains regarding the duration of the card issuance since its may take years and others never got their cards despite long waiting period. There has been reasonable causes to this. One is that every new registrant, 52 million records of the national voter database have to be checked in order to filter multiple records. The other is that the registrants’ record (picture, finger print or signature) might have been captured of poor quality.

Voters ID can exclusively be claimed at the Local Comelec Offices nationwide. The ID cards are not mailed or delivered to the address of individual voters or released at the barangay.

To further clarify the status of your Voters ID Card issuance, you may visit the Local Comelec Office in your area or email them at

For those citizens who are eligible to vote but not yet a registered voter, follow the steps below on how to register. After few months of successful registration, check if your Voters ID have been issued at the Local Comelec Office.

How to Get Voter’s ID

  1. Go to your Local Comelec Office and bring a Valid ID with photograph and signature.
  2. The Office of the Election Officer will verify your identity, residence and eligibility to register.
  3. Fill-up 3 copies of application forms with thumb mark and signature.
  4. Proceed to biometrics area for digital captures of your photo, finger prints and signature using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM) by an authorized VRM Operator.
  5. Get your Acknowledgment Receipt and visit again the office after several months to get your Voters ID.

If you are already a registered voter but not sure if you have undergone the biometrics process, go to the Local Comelec Office to inquire about it. For more questions about this, go to Voter ID Frequently Ask Questions.

That was the guide on How to Get Voters ID. What are your thoughts about this? Share it in comment section.

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