How to Get Professional Driver’s License

A Professional Driver’s License is a valid document or card issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines authorizing a person to drive a private as well as public motor vehicle. So this is the type of license you need if you want to drive a vehicle for livelihood such as driving a public utility jeep, taxi, bus or applying a job as a chauffeur.

To be able to apply for a Professional Driver’s License, an applicant must acquire a Student Permit for at least six (6) months prior to the application. That is in the case of operating a light vehicle. However, in the case of heavy vehicle, an applicant must be a holder of Non-Professional Driver’s License for at least 1 year prior to the application.

How to Get Professional Drivers License

Moreover, applicants have to pass the Written Exam and Practical Driving Test. To walk you through, below are the qualifications, requirements, fees and step by step guide on how to get a professional driver’s license.

Professional Driver License’s Qualifications

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Can read and write in Filipino or English.

Additional For Foreigner: You must have stayed in the Philippines for at least one (1) month with a proof that you will stay in the country for at least one (1) year from the date of application and allowed to work in the country. Make sure to contact any LTO Office regarding this.

Professional Driver License’s General Requirements

  • Accomplished Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL). Downloadable Form.
  • Student Permit (for light vehicle) or Non-Professional Driver’s License (for heavy vehicle)
  • Medical Certificate issued by a licensed physician.
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) if employed.
  • NBI or Police Clearance

Additional For Foreigner: Provide an original and photocopy of your passport with entry date of at least one (1) year prior to the license application. If you are born in the Philippines, present your PSA Birth Certificate.

How to Get Professional Driver’s License

  1. Locate the nearest LTO Licensing Office in your area and bring all your documents/requirements. Make sure to follow their dress code and don’t wear sando, sports shorts, and slippers.
  2. Go to the Customer Service Counter to get your requirements checklist, application form (download online, print and fill-up beforehand to save time at the office – see download link above), and get your queue number.
  3. When your number or name is called, approach the Receiving Personnel and submit all your requirements.
  4. Go to the booth where your photo and signature will be captured.
  5. Pay the required fees at the Cashier.
  6. Proceed to the Examination Room for the lecture and written examination in the form of the Professional Driver’s License Basic Driving Theory Test.
  7. If you pass the written exam, you will be called to take the Practical Driving Test.
  8. After passing the Practical Driving Test, your application shall be approved by an Approving Officer. Then, go to the Releasing Counter to claim your Professional Driver’s License Card.

Professional Driver License’s Fees

Fees Amount
Application Fee ₱100
Computer Fee ₱67.63
License Fee ₱585
Computer Fee ₱67.63
Total ₱820.26

In addition, make sure to secure a budget for the Medical Fee and Driving Test Fee. Commonly, the Medical Fee will cost an estimate of ₱200 – ₱300. While Driving Test Fee is about ₱400.

Same with the Non-Professional Driver’s License, the Professional Driver’s License validity is up to 5 years. If you fail the Written Exam and/or Driving Test, the conditions are the same with the non-pro application. Read more about How to Get Non-Professional Driver’s License.

That was the step by step guide and necessary information on How to Get Professional Driver’s License in the Philippines. Should you have any questions, share it on comment section.

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