How to Get Replacement for Damaged/Lost SSS UMID Card

The application for replacement of your damaged or lost UMID Card is not that bothersome as some would think. Since you have experienced processing your first SSS Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card, this should be just a recap with some additional requirements and steps before you can get a new one.

A UMID Card is a very important identification card that SSS members should have, and if you lost it, better apply for a new one as soon as possible. It is commonly used in SSS-related transactions inside the office. Moreover, it can be used to quickly check relevant member’s information/updates such as eligibility to apply for a loan, check contributions and benefits through SSS Kiosks.

How to Get Replacement for Damaged Lost SSS UMID Card

On top of that, this is as a government-issued ID Card. In the Philippines, it is a recognized primary ID which is acceptable in financial institutions, government and non-government agencies as a proof of genuine identity of the card holder. So it’s better to always bring it in doing daily transactions.

There are common reasons why most people need to replace their UMID Card:

  • Lost or Stolen
  • Damaged
  • Needs amendment

In case you need to update the displayed name in your card since you are already married, you need to request of a card replacement for the amendment of your name. Some amendments are related to facts about your birth, demographic data, authenticating finger among others.

For whatever valid reason that you need to request a new one, the process is actually pretty simple. Just fill up the necessary forms, pay for the replacement fee, proceed to data capture and wait for the delivery of your card. Know more about the requirements and procedure below.

SSS UMID Card Replacement Requirements

  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Affidavit of Loss (if your card is lost or stolen)
  • UMID Card (if damaged or needs amendment)
  • UMID Card Application Form

SSS UMID Card Replacement FEE

The UMID Card Replacement fee is reduced from ₱300 to ₱200 since December 2017. The amount of ₱200 shall be charged to members who requests for a replacement of card that might be due to loss, damage or amendments.

However, if the replacement is due to erroneous encoding of data on the side of SSS, you shall not be charged for the replacement fee.

How to Replace Damaged or Lost SSS UMID Card

Step 1. Accomplish the UMID Card Application Form

You may get and fill-up the UMID Card Application Form inside the SSS Office in your area. However, it is highly recommended to download it online, print and fill it up before going to the office. This will save you more time. Download the UMID Card Application Form.

SSS UMID Card Application Form

This is what SSS UMID Card Application Form looks like | Click the download link above.

Step 2. Fill-up the R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Form

The R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Form is used to pay at the SSS Teller. You need to accomplish four (4) copies of it. You may ask the guard for it in the office. Again, it is also recommended to download, print and fill it up beforehand. Download the R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Form.

SSS R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Form

This is what SSS R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Form looks like | Click the download link above.

Step 3. Get an Affidavit of Loss

If your card is DAMAGED or needs AMENDMENTS, you don’t need to get an Affidavit of Loss. You just have to surrender your UMID Card to the person-in-charge in the office.

In case that your card was lost or stolen, you need to get an Affidavit of Loss. This is a document declaring that you have lost your ID Card or any other important official document. You can get this document in the Notary Public near you. This costs an estimate of ₱100 – ₱150.

Alternatively, you may visit the Public Attorney’s Office  near your area. Usually, getting an Affidavit of Loss in PAO has no charge as most people have experienced.

Step 4. Prepare 2 Valid IDs

At the second page or back of the UMID Card Application Form, you’ll find more information and instructions about your application which includes the acceptable IDs. You need to provide at least 2 of them. Actually, you can just bring a one (1) primary ID. However, if you don’t have a primary ID, you may bring at least two (2) supporting documents listed on the form.

SSS UMID Card Requirements - Acceptable IDs

This is the screenshot of the list of acceptable IDs. This is found on the second page or back of the UMID Card Application Form. Click the image to enlarge.

Step 5. Go to SSS Office

Bring your requirements and a ₱200 Replacement Fee in the SSS Branch near you. Make sure to wear proper attire, no wearing of sando’s or slippers.

If you didn’t download the forms beforehand, ask the guard for them. Make sure to use black or blue ball pen in accomplishing the forms.

Step 6. Pay for the Replacement Fee

After you have accomplished the forms, ask the guard for a Ticket Number to pay for the card replacement fee in the Teller Section. With the four (4) copies of R-6 Miscellaneous Payment Forms, only two (2) shall be given back to you after you have paid.

Not all SSS Branches have a Teller Section. In case it is not available in the branch on your area, the guard will instruct you to pay at the SSS-accredited bank. Before going to the bank, it could be wiser if you get first a SSS Ticket Number if there is a long line in SSS. So when you go back, the queue should have moved while you went to the bank.

Step 7. Data Capture Station

After successfully making the payment, ask again the guard or a person-in-charge in the Information Desk where is Data Capture Station. In this step, you just have to submit your requirements to the person-in-charge and wait for your name to be called.

When it is your turn, you’ll be asked to confirm all the information you have provided that is being displayed on a computer monitor in front of you. Then, your finger print, signature and photo shall be taken to be used in your SSS UMID Card.

Step 8. Wait of the SSS UMID Card Delivery

After completing with all these steps, you shall be given an Acknowledgment Stub. It is actually the bottom part of your UMID Card Application Form that was teared/cut carefully.

Written on it is an estimated date wherein your SSS UMID Card should be delivered in your doorstep. Some got their’s is about 3 months, others wait less than that but some also experienced longer waiting duration.

When the estimated date of delivery passed by and you did not receive your card, it is better to contact the SSS Branch you have requested for the card. They can confirm if they have released the card for delivery.

If they have released it, better check or visit the PhilPost Office in your area. Most probably, it should be there.

That was the general guide on how to process the replacement for damaged or lost SSS UMID Card. Should you have any questions, you may contact SSS Branch near your directly. If you have any additional tips or information, do let us know in the comment section.

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