How to Get TIN ID Card

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID Card is a government-issued identification card recognized as one of the valid IDs in the Philippines. The requirements and procedure on how to get TIN ID is the easiest among the rest of valid ID’s in the country.

The collection of Tax, specifically Income Tax, is one the major sources of revenue of the government to fund various public expenditures. People or residents in the Philippines who are receiving income from sources within or outside the country are required to pay taxes. If you are an employee specially in a company, you are already well aware of this.

How to Get TIN ID Card 2018

The Tax Identification Number or TIN ID is being issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) through Revenue District Offices (RDO). A person or taxpayer is only assigned 1 Tax Identification Number for a lifetime and it does not expire.

To get a TIN ID, you must know first where is the BIR Office in your place. You can ask someone or your neighbors, you can also search it first on Google like:

  • BIR Office Makati
  • BIR Office Cebu

Alternatively, check the list of BIR Revenue District Offices.

TIN ID Requirements

There are only 2 requirements to get your TIN ID:

  1. At least 1 Valid ID
  2. NSO Birth Certificate

How to Get TIN ID

  1. Bring the requirements and go to the local BIR Office.
  2. Fill up the TIN application form.
    • BIR Form 1901 – For self-employed and mixed income individuals.
    • BIR Form 1902 – For individuals earning purely compensation income and non residents citizens.
    • and others. Ask for assistance if needed.
  3. Submit the application form and present the valid ID or NSO Birth Certificate.
  4. Wait for the Tax Identification Number.
  5. Request for a TIN ID.

How to Apply for a TIN ID Online

The more convenient way to apply for a TIN ID is through the online application called BIR eRegistration System. As mentioned, apply only if you still don’t have a Tax Identification Number. As printed at the back of the TIN ID, any person who secures and/or uses more than one TIN shall be criminally liable and shall be punishable by fine and imprisonment.

The online application for TIN ID is for self-employed individuals only. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to BIR eRegistration System.
  2. Read the information displayed on the webpage.
  3. After reading, fill up the Basic Taxpayer Information Form.
  4. Click the submit button and wait for an email from BIR.

Take note that you must submit a valid email address. It is where the BIR sends the TIN and other instructions on the registration.

Do you want to compute your monthly income tax? Use this Tax Calculator in the Philippines.

Whether going to the BIR Office or applying online, the entire process on How to Get TIN ID should just be done in few minutes or hours. For more information regarding the application for TIN ID, visit the BIR Official Website.

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