How to Get PhilHealth ID Card

Each member of PhilHealth is privileged to get PhilHealth ID Card as a proof of membership that is essential in performing different transactions. In addition, the PhilHealth ID Card is recognized as a valid ID in the Philippines that is useful in doing basic transaction to identify a person as a citizen of the country.

Right after the PhilHealth Membership Registration, each new member is given a PhilHealth ID Card as well as the Member Data Record (MDR). It is FREE for all legitimate members. “Commonly“, the ID Card is made of thick paper with your printed PIN and Full Name in front. You have to attach a 1×1 picture, signature and personally laminate it for protection.

How to Get PhilHealth ID Card

This guide is applicable for those individuals who are not yet members of PhilHealth and those who registered online that wishes to get PhilHealth ID Card.

How to Get PhilHealth ID Card

1. Prepare the Requirements

Applicants who are Employed or Self-employed need to prepare 2 Valid IDs/Documents (Example: TIN ID, UMID ID, Driver’s License, NSO Birth Certicate, etc.), 2 copies of 1×1 ID pictures and fill-up 2 copies of PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) which you can download online. Download PMRF.

If you Registered Online, prepare the Printed Email Body sent to your active email address by PhilHealth upon your online registration and prepare also 2 Valid IDs/Documents.

2. Visit the Nearest PhilHealth Office

Go to the nearest PhilHealth Office and approach the staff on the applicant’s desk for your application. As for the online applicants, ask for assistance on where to proceed to request for PhilHealth ID Card and present your Printed Email as proof of previous registration.

3. Get the PhilHealth ID Card and Member Data Record (MDR)

After a successful transaction, you should be asked to wait for a few minutes for the printing of your PhilHealth ID Card and Member Data Record (MDR).

Recently, PhilHealth published an advisory to report any individuals who collects fees in exchange for facilitating the issuance of the ID Cards.

PhilHealth Advisory

That was the step by step guide on How to Get PhilHealth ID Card for the first time applicants and those who registered online. Should you have any question or additional useful information, let us know in comment.

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